Dr Talia Steed (MBBS)
Wellness Medical Doctor & Yoga Teacher

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Wellness Health Coaching

- Individual Sessions

The body, mind and spirit are intricately linked and by attending to ourselves as a whole being, we are able to create positive shifts in our lives.

My aim is to support you in the creation of a life that is filled with JOY, PASSION, VITALITY, CREATIVITY & CONTENTMENT.


I will support you on your journey to developing a deeper connection to SELF, your TRUTH and INTUITIVE VOICE within through a BODY/ MIND & SPIRIT approach...

Some questions we might consider in our session include the following:


- What physical chronic issues am I facing?
- What am I putting in my body and why?
- Am I honouring the needs of my body? What may be getting in the way of me doing so?
- What current stressors am I facing? How much is this affecting my physical symptoms/ state?


- What underlying belief structures  are currently blocking my ability to make positive shifts in my life? 

- How can I learn to quieten my mind to get greater clarity and access to my intuitive inner voice?


- How can a spiritual practice help connect me with my true self? 

- What would be the relevance for me in having a spiritual practice?

- How can I cultivate the steady foundation I need to support me to proceed on my life's journey in the direction of my TRUE PURPOSE?

Please get in touch to schedule your initial session as we work in collaboration to uncover what’s holding you back from a life of peace, joy and freedom.

I am available for face to face or Skype consults.